Dear Music Lovers, We founded the Strasbourg Jazz Initiative several years ago in response to the disheartening absence of a live jazz club in Strasbourg, a city that in many other areas has so much culture on offer.   As Americans we grew up in a culture where, by being played on a regular basis in local bars and restaurants, jazz had a chance to thrive and grow.   Such local establishments offer a more intimate setting for musicians and fans alike than Strasbourg's rich concert and festival scene.   Between 2012 and 2015, the SJI organized a regular Tuesday music night so locals could experience live jazz in such a setting on a regular basis. 

After 3 full seasons, the Abattoir cafe was sold and we suspended this activity. 


Many thanks to all of you who came to enjoy and participate in this new (but old!) experience which our city deserves.  

­Rick Hannah (president) & Susan Vaillant (secretary), Strasbourg Jazz Initiative


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The SJI motto:

"Neither din, nor darkness, nor lack of dough shall deter these musicians from making their anointed sounds."